Thursday, March 17, 2011


Sorry for all the posts. I'm just gonna go in August. I don't want to give up my host family!!!! They're the best! Worst case scenario is that Japan's not better by then and I still can't go. I'm gonna be bitter and depressed about this the end of March, then try to just let it go...

Every time I think about how it's canceled, my chest hurts, my pulse races, and I feel like bursting into tears (I almost did in class today)...I don't want to believe it. But that's life. And it sucks. A whole lot

I'm not sure anymore...

I'm not sure whether I should go in August, or go for the 2012-2013 year...I thought I should go in August, but...I'm really lost now...I want to keep my host family, but I want to go for the whole year! This is a really difficult choice as it affects my whole life....WHAT SHOULD I DO???

Pro's to August:
-same host family
-I get to go sooner
-I graduate with my friends (not that I really care either way)
-I'll be with a class my age at school


Pro's to year:
-I'll be there a year like I wanted
-I'll get to be there in the summer and for the beginning of school

-probably have to change host families
-graduate late
-have to wait longer to go
-I'll be the oldest in my class...

I went back to school today feeling like I shouldn't be there...

Stupid complications. I don't know what to do anymore.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This is painful, I've been crying all day....
So I've decided to accept the semester program that leaves in August for 6 months.
I'm really depressed, and I'm going to miss on some really amazing experiences.
Hopefully my host family and school will still want me. I bet my host family will since they wanted me for a whole year anyways...
August is 5 months far!
I'm ready to leave now!!!

So here's my plan, be depressed all March, then in April through May work my ass off so I can fix my grades, and take an online health class to get my credits in. Then in the summer get my community service taken care of. You know, I might even try to aim for A's in my AP classes now, but knowing how lazy I am I'll probably just end up with B's again.

It's over.

AFS Japan has canceled the Spring 2011 program. FML.
I've been crying for the past hour. There's the option of going for the semester in August. This is NOT happening. FML. Why me?? I didn't even get a chance to go yet...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I am a selfish selfish girl. I really want to go on exchange.

So I've heard from other students in other countries that AFS is postponing our exchange. I don't know by how much, and I've yet to receive a call of e-mail from AFS USA. The good news is they said they aren't canceling it. But I already left school, so I'm worried how this will affect my school year...

Also, as of today I got my visa and finished paying the last bit of my full tuition. Yay... I've also been talking to my host mom and sister.

I've been reading really sad stories in the news, and really touching Twitter posts about people helping one another out. The Japanese are amazing...I really hope Japan recovers fast...

I'm feeling really depressed right now and I can't concentrate on anything...I just wish I could sleep until this is all over...

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I’m sure by now everyone has heard about the 8.9 earthquake that hit Japan. I hope everyone in the affected areas and all of Japan is okay and I hope for their safety.

Luckily my host family lives in the south so they should be okay. I have a friend living in Fukushima though, I was worried, but luckily she's far enough inland that the Tsunami didn't reach over there.

The tsunami was strong enough that it even reached California.Damage was done to a northern city, but in the south we have only had 2-4 ft waves, but all the beaches are closed.

AFS called me and said that they wouldn't cancel the program, but that they were working closely with AFS Japan, and if there are any delay's in the flight schedule, then they will let us know by Monday.
Even though it's selfish, I really hope our exchange isn't affected.

What happened is just too sad...I want to cry. I hope Japan can overcome this devastating disaster soon.
がんばって日本!Do your best Japan!

Edit: I contacted my host sister, and she said there have been no earthquakes in Miyazaki, so not to worry. I am glad they are safe! But Miyazaki is on tsunami warning so I am worried...a big river goes through the middle of the city, and if there was a tsunami that would be dangerous...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Detailed Information ^.~

I got my detailed host family and school information today!
My school is letting me go on my school trip! They go to Hokkaido! (And on the school website it said they went to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo as well). It's about $1,000. I really wanna go~ I will also be the only exchange student at my school! I don't know if that's a bad or good thing though yet lol. My host family has hosted 3 times before. Once for a year, the other times 4 & 5 months. Ahhhh, I'm so excited.

I'm so anxious to leave! I really can't imagine that I won't live here in another 2 weeks...It hasn't hit me yet, and I don't think it will until I'm already in Japan.

Today at school I had to turn in a math test I was supposed to do over the weekend. Of course I didn't do it (except for the easy ones). There's only a week of school left and none of my grades this semester count. Why should I? I was explaining to my math teacher that I didn't finish because this is my last week of school and my grades don't count because I can't get credits for this semester. I told him 2 weeks ago I was leaving before, but when I handed him the mostly blank test "Do you want to go to college?" I was thrown off a bit because I wasn't expecting this kind of response. My APUSH teacher didn't care if I made up a test I missed, and doesn't care if I don't do my homework. Usually there's lunch detention if you don't do it. My Chinese teacher said I didn't have to do my HW. My AP Bio teacher understood that I don't care about test grades anymore. Then he asked if I was okay with getting a 0. I said it was fine, and he was dumbfounded. It wouldn't matter even if I got an 100!! And yes I do, and will, go to college, thank you very much.

On a side note, I just bought Pokemon White yesterday XD Yay.