Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some info...

Lol, so I found out a bit about my host family from another exchange student who had been to Miyazaki. My oldest host sister lives in Oita prefecture for college, I didn't expect her to live at home though, but my other host sister is currently on exchange in Brazil. I'm guessing it's a year program, which comes back January next year according to the AFS site. :P Too bad they aren't there...but the person said that it seems they are a good host family so yay~

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nothing in Particular...

Did anyone else's host family come with a description? Mine had none T__T

I looked up my house on Google Maps XD There's a an100yen shop right next to it!! Also a 7Eleven very close by. How convenient~ I also mapped the distance between my house and school. It's about 43 minutes by walking, less by car or train. That's actually closer than my real house is away from my current school! (If I walk it's about 1 hour and 15 (or was it 45??) minutes, I get driven though of course).

I think my 17 year old host sister may be involved in AFS somehow because her e-mail is through them. I wonder if she has been or is going on exchange...I hope at least 1 of them will be living at home! I wonder if my older host sister lives at home or not...I wanna know more about them (>_<)

I am starting to love my school uniform, but I'm a bit worried because they changed it 3 years ago, so they might not have old ones for me D: It'd be cool buying one because I could keep it, but it'd be so expensive...but I wanna be able to wear it!! I REALLY do not want to wear a fake uniform!

Now that I have my family and city, I can't wait to go!! I'm so excited!!! I've been looking up Miyazaki-shi a lot, and I can't wait to go there!!!
Miyazaki Hello Kitty!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This is best Valentines Day ever! (So far ;D)
I got my host family today! I'll be living in Miyazaki-shi in Miyazaki prefecture! It's in Kyuushuu :) My mom texted me during 6th period and told me, and since I have Computer Art that period, I was able to check my e-mail right away! I was crying and trembling from the excitement!

I'll be living with the Koga family! I have a mom and dad, and two sisters ages 17 and 20. I can't wait to meet them all! I hope we get along! There was no host family description though ): Too bad... I'll be sending them an e-mail later today!

I'll be going to Miyazaki Minami High School! The uniform looks plain, but I'm okay with that, I think plain ones are a bit cute! They have a whole web page just for the girls uniforms! XD (p.s. when you click on the uniform link you have to scroll down) I wonder what kind of school it is!

Miyazaki is famous for it's shrines and it is known as "the land of the gods"! They are also famous for mangoes, Aoshima Island, and the Nichian coastline (as well as a lot of other things)!

I was scared I was gonna end up in Okinawa or Hokkaido! Hokkaido is too cold for me, and Okinawa is so different from the rest of Japan! Most Japanese people can't even understand their dialect! It's funny because just the other day I was thinking, "Going to Kyuushuu would be nice..." since I know people from/who have lived there. I originally wanted to go to Honshu, but Miyazaki looks amazing and beautiful!

Ahhhh I'm so happy! Here are some pictures of Miyazaki :)

Also, I've eaten so much chocolate today I could burst D: I can only eat small amounts of chocolate in the first place, or I feel sick because I don't like that much (if its too sweet), but if it's in the form of cookies, brownies, or cake, I'll will gobble it down! Especially cookies! I am addicted to cookies! I hate peanut butter, but I'll eat peanut butter cookies. I hate oatmeal, but I'll eat oatmeal cookies. My love for cookies is infinite! I made some chocolate cookies for my friends that turned out really yummy! Also my friend gave me some chocolates, and my other friend made brownies, I also got kisses and chocolate cupcakes. I am full of chocolate -_-... Happy Valentines Day!

P.S. I've started a vlog! The link is in the page directory at the top of my blog! I'll be posting a video soon :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Change...again :)

I get tired of my backgrounds easily, so I changed it again!
This text font is actually really similar to my

I got my yellow luggage tags from AFS last week!
Now I just have to wait for a host family...I'm so impatient!!

I'm holding a garage sale and another bake sale this month to raise money.

Only 7 weeks till I go to Japan!
Oh my gosh, it's so close! Σ(゜ロ゜;)!!
I can't believe I'll be leaving so soon!
But I can't wait~ (∩゜∀`∩)キャ━━ッ!!