Thursday, October 6, 2011

Uniform Change

We changed from our summer uniform to our normal/basic uniform, which is worn in the spring and fall. It's kind of sad knowing that I will never wear the summer uniform again.

Basic Uniform 合服 aifuku

 The normal uniform (as I call it) feels more JK like. (JK means joshikousei, female high school student)
Only my sleeves are too short. Now everyone rolls their sleeves up since it's still pretty warm, some days are warm even hot, while other days are cold and rainy. But I'll be in trouble when winter comes. :/

The point is the ribbon!

We also had a lesson on bicycle safety. They also did a computer bicycle simulation game. One person rode safely, while the other person (2-D's Gisshi) rode badly. Everyone was laughing at Gisshi's because it was really hilarious. Although then the teachers were saying how even if it was funny in the game, in real life you could get hurt.

They also showed us a slideshow. Notice the girls eyebrows.


  1. OMG... that girl's eyebrows are inteeeeeeeense!! Haha I wish we would have a course on bicycle safety in Italy. Freaking dangerous traffic girl!! Haha and your winter uniform looks so cool! Wouldn't they have any more shirts for you to try on? =/


  2. My uniform belongs to a girl who graduated last year, not the school, so no :(