Saturday, November 12, 2011

Skipping a Grade!

Today was a very amazing day.

We had an official examination for Kyudo, so we went to the Miyazaki Gymnasium’s Kyudo-jo.
There were 305 people there for the exam.  About 110 were taking the shinsa for classes (kyuu) and the rest for groups (dan). A Dan is above Kyuu btw.

The amazing thing is that I got Class 2 (2kyuu)!!!
That means I skipped classes and went to a higher class! I was trying to pass 3 and passed 2!!!!
4 is the lowest, 1 is the highest, and after 1 there is the groups (dan).

There are first years who having been doing Kyudo since April, and they only got Class 3, and I have started in late August and learned everything to do for the exam in just 5 days and got a higher grade than them.
I am super shocked and super happy!!!

Here’s me wearing a hakama.
Please ignore my face.
After that I went with some friends to the mall. We did some shopping for our school trip in December and took purikura and went to Mister Donut~
There was a Kyushu Milk event going on in the mall and we got free balloons and milk. lol

P.S. Happy Pocky Day! Yesterday 11.11.11 was pocky day in Japan. Everyone brought pocky to school and ate it :D


  1. You look so cool in your hakama! I want to try one on!!!

  2. Omg... the Pocky Day. I wish America had a Pocky Day! :D Your hakama looks so adorable! <3