Monday, December 12, 2011

School Trip & Jeneseys

So I went on my school trip week~
We went to Hokkaido for 3 days and Tokyo for 2 for a total of 5 days (and 4 nights).

We went skiing in Furano, to Asahiyama zoo, and Sapporo.
I have ski experience but, many of my classmates did not. So I was one of the best ones there...eheheh ;3

The snow was so fluffy and white! It was so much fun XD We played in the snow in-between skiing and made snow men and castles and mountains.

I lost my camera in Hitsujigaoka (Boys Be Ambitious!) so I only have pictures taken with my phone D:
Luckily I got a new camera as a present from my host uncle and aunt!! They were already planning to give it to me though. I am really grateful (-v-)~<3 ありがたいなぁ~
But I'm really sad I wasn't able to take many pictures on my school trip... ;o;

Tokyo Disneyland

I really wanted to go to Disney Sea :P
Rode some rides watched the parade and had lots of snacks :3
We didn't have much time here though...
And I actually ran into another AFS exchanger here! She is from the same place I am, and it was great to see her again!!☆

Tokyo - Shibuya

I went to Shibuya and shopped in the ever famous 109 (Marukyuu)!!
I wanted to check out Harajuku too, but we had to stay in groups and we didn't have much time T_T

Well there's not much to say, but it was really fun! I wish we had had more time though, everything felt so rushed...

I got back from my school trip Thursday night, and on Friday the JENESEYS students came and there was a welcome party~ And today we went to a school in my city (which we will be going to for 2 days) and were on NHK news :3 and we'll be in the paper tomorrow, but of course since I'm (and the other Miyazaki exchangers are long time exchangers they didn't need us ;_; :P lol

Tomorrow I'm going for Purikura with the other long term AFS exchangers XD

Also today I was told by a boy from Indonesia that my English sounds like Japanese Enlgish.
I assure you it does not, but it is hard for me to speak English after speaking straight Japanese for 4 months. It just feels foreign and wrong XD Haha or as AFS would put it, different.

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