Sunday, October 17, 2010


I have the urge to update this blog everyday! But I resist because it isn't Japan related!! I should just go use my Ameba has cool emotes too~

On my exchange I will probably be updating this as everyday with short posts, like an idol blog, and the weekly long post! Because I have wanted to do it so many times, but haven't. I'll just have to wait till I go on exchange :(

Today I received the guideline packet from AFS :)

Yesterday was my birthday!♥
I am now 16!
Now that I am 16, a lot of unlucky things have happened though D:
And I feel old. I can't imagine myself being 16, like it's some unreachable age. I feel the same way about 17 and 18, but I never thought that about 14 and 15.

My mom gave me 4 lunch boxes. The cute kind from Japan~
There are two double layer ones, both pink, one with strawberries and one with trees, and two one layer one, green plaid and birds. Because I like having cute stuff like that, whether it be a lunch box, clothing, headphones, or even a pencil, I love cute girly things~ My tastes are also a bit childish...
I got some other stuff from Japan too~
My mom recently went to San Francisco and bought me all this stuff in Japan town.
Gosh if this were Ameba I'd be adding some cute hearts and sparklies~


I received $100 from my Grandma as a present to put toward my full tuition. I also received $60 dollars from a group of my mom's friends. I also have $30 of my own money so far.
Only $6410 more to go! Still a lot!

I'm gonna start applying for jobs now that I'm 16. I am going to turn my application in this week for a Toy Shop at the mall that is currently hiring.

Lately I have been reading other on exchangers blogs that after a while (several months) they developed a love-hate relationship with Japan. I already have a love-hate relationship with Japan though...haha...It's the same for me with America though too. But that doesn't mean I am any less determined to go to Japan!!! :3 hehe~ がんばりま~す!

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