Saturday, October 2, 2010


Unfortunately, I did not receive the AFS Yoshi Hattori or Toshiyuki Tanaka Scholarships that offer a full scholarship, BUT I did get a $4000 partial scholarship to go to Japan!!! OMG, I am SOOOOOO incredibly happy right now! My parents told me that if I didn't get any kind of scholarship, I probably wouldn't be able to go abroad next year, and I would have to wait till 2012, but now I have a partial scholarship!! I am so very grateful to my scholarship sponsor! I have to meet some requirements to have the scholarship apply to my tuition though. I have to...

1. Complete the Full AFS Application and Pay the $900 tuition deposit within one month.
I've already done that though! Yay! Step 1 complete!

2. Write a thank you letter to my scholarship sponsor
I am very grateful to them, so of course this is only natural and I have no problem with it!

3. After the program consider registering with AFS as a youth volunteer or contribute in other ways to AFS
I don't know what a youth volunteer does, but it sounds fun! Maybe I could even get community service hours XD haha

4. Submit an essay to your scholarship sponsor addressing the impact of your AFS experience
Easy enough!

Optional: Launch blog
I've already done that too!

I am going to get started fundraising the rest of my tuition now!

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