Monday, July 4, 2011


I haven't posted for months!!!
It's not like I had anything to post about though...

Now it's already July. It's been approx. 113 days since the earthquake, and now I have 46 more days to wait for exchange.
I've gotten my new flight info from AFS and I leave on the 18th of August.
But honestly...I have no excitement for this at all. It's not that I don't want to go, but after all that feelings of excitement have severely dropped.
Not because of worry or earthquakes or radiation (which I am not even worried about in the slightest), but because I was so looking forward to it and then my dreams were crushed so suddenly.
Back in Late February, Early March, when I was getting ready to go, I was so excited I couldn't even concentrate on anything, I couldn't sleep, I remember going to the movies and thinking about exchange the whole time I was watching it, I was that excited.
Now I just feel...sad. Looking at my flight info saying August....
My excitement was drained out of me, so I have none left (for now).
I really do want to go, but I don't want to set myself up for disappointment, so I wont get excited till I'm actually there.
But I won't get into all that again.

I've been e-mailing my host mom occasionally, and IM-ing my host sister in Brazil on Facebook occasionally as well.
They seem very nice~ :)

I'm also wondering what club I should join at school.
I've been thinking since way back that I wanted to join the Broadcasting Club this whole time, but then recently I was thinking, joining something like the Tea Club would be fun too~
I really hope my school doesn't try to make me join the English conversation club. Anything but that >_<
I don't like English!!
But yeah, the Broadcasting Club is first on my list!

I'm glad I won't be missing out on my schools culture festival or school trip though!
I am excited for the school trip~ (Like a mild excitement. I'm not even letting myself get too excited for anything right now.)
I think I mentioned this before, but we go to Hokkaido & Tokyo.
They have pictures from last years trip on my school's website.
Last year they went for 5 days in December. They went to Hokkaido for 3 days and went skiing, made ice cream, and went to a zoo. Then went to Tokyo for 2 days. Toyko Disneyland one day, and touring around Tokyo the second, which was the last day of the trip.

I start school on Sep. 1 there and my last day will be Jan. 30. Only 5 months T_T
I feel like I'm missing out on SO much...
But my school here starts on the 20th of this month D:
And I have summer homework (for English >:P)! I don't want to do it! I don't need to do it (since I'll be leaving)! I'm debating what I should do about it...

Oh! A couple of days ago, my mom gave me ¥2986 (approx. $37)! My mom's friend had went to Japan a couple of years ago, and had it left over and didn't need it (although I don't know why she just didn't exchange it), so free money! Yay!

Oh yes! AFS told us that they would be providing us with cell phones for safety because of all that happened. I was planning on getting a cell phone anyways, but now I get one for free! Yay! I do hope the model isn't too outdated though...
According to some students it will be this one.

It looks decent~ I want light pink >_< But apparently we only get the choice of black or white, so I'll choose white then if that's true.

This has ended up getting pretty long so I'll stop here!
☆bye bye☆


  1. oh Safiya, hello before.

    I know exactly what do you feelin about our flight... heel what, it comes to August. im really dissapointment.

    and do u konow what?? my parents push me that if i must continue my semester when come back to my country??!!! what!!??? it's mean that i must study in Japan with all those Reguler subject in my country!!!

    and, when we come back in early February, i will do National Exam! it's insane, rude!!!

    i'm totally not so looking forward to go to Japan. but, yeah.... i want this exchange will be my Holiday... i won't everyone disturb my Holiday!!!!! i hate it now :(((((

    (i heard that we flight on 13 August? which one is true? not really care, though :(()

  2. Really?! I'm sorry!! That really sucks! Can you not get credit in Japan for your work there?

    Each country has different flight days. AFS should e-mail you with the new one!

  3. I completely understand how you feel. I felt the same when I finally got to Japan in late April - I was really excited about going, but the excitement just seemed to dissapear after the earthquake. It was only when I was standing in the airport and was about to say goodbye to my family that I realized that I was really going - I was too afraid for it being delayed again or cancelled to believe in it before. Even now I sometimes think "Now it's been almost 3 months... But I was supossed to have been here for 4 and a half."
    However, don't let the excitement dissapear completely! And when you go - which you will, because everything (almost) is fine in Japan now :) -, be sure to enjoy everything! Those of us who were supposed to leave in March will get a much shorter exchange than planned, which makes it even more important for us to enjoy it when we can.