Thursday, March 17, 2011


Sorry for all the posts. I'm just gonna go in August. I don't want to give up my host family!!!! They're the best! Worst case scenario is that Japan's not better by then and I still can't go. I'm gonna be bitter and depressed about this the end of March, then try to just let it go...

Every time I think about how it's canceled, my chest hurts, my pulse races, and I feel like bursting into tears (I almost did in class today)...I don't want to believe it. But that's life. And it sucks. A whole lot


  1. I empathise~
    Reality is a bitch :/

  2. haha I have to agree on that one.. I feel the same as you dont worry! I havent even sent a pre app but i was going to...I was checking out YFU and AFS the day the earthquake hit i got something in the mail from YFU.. The day after I got something from AFS I feel like they are mocking me and teasing me. Its terrible. I have been waiting for about 6 months for a YFU brochure aand the day it suddenly appears there is an earthquake.. its so annoying!! I feel like Im going to cry every time I think about it!!

  3. I'm really sorry this is happening.. I can't even imagine.

    I think going for a semester is definitely the best option. Have you already paid for the whole year? I've heard of semester students being able to stay a year if their visa and host family will allow. I say when you get there, push for the whole year as much as you can!

    For now, just hang in there and stay positive. :)

  4. My host family agreed to host me in August as well!! So I guess I'll see you then.

  5. @Cutie: I wouldn't worry too much about not being able do exchange anymore! You're 13 right? That means you have 2-3 years before you go! I'm Japan will be fine then! :)

    @Nicole: My visa is good for 1 year, so a bunch of us are trying to get a year starting in August! I really hope it works out >_< I've heard it's possible, but it's up to the school since the school year is different! I'm gonna try my best!!!

  6. I'm sure this will be extremely random for you, but I'm going for a semester in 2011 as well. I found your blog by chance while googling for AFS' Japan page on their website.

    I'm a long lover of Japanese culture as well, and I guess I'll see you at the airport in August if you don't read this at all.

    Name's Nick, by the way. Drop me a line at nick.hax [at] if you feel like saying hello. Loving the Perfume on your blog, by the way :3