Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I am a selfish selfish girl. I really want to go on exchange.

So I've heard from other students in other countries that AFS is postponing our exchange. I don't know by how much, and I've yet to receive a call of e-mail from AFS USA. The good news is they said they aren't canceling it. But I already left school, so I'm worried how this will affect my school year...

Also, as of today I got my visa and finished paying the last bit of my full tuition. Yay... I've also been talking to my host mom and sister.

I've been reading really sad stories in the news, and really touching Twitter posts about people helping one another out. The Japanese are amazing...I really hope Japan recovers fast...

I'm feeling really depressed right now and I can't concentrate on anything...I just wish I could sleep until this is all over...


  1. Dont be too depressed, like you said, it isnt cancelled!

    You aren't selfish... we spent months preparing and now its just a flop.
    I feel bad for thinking that I should have picked another country -___-

  2. I agree with the first poster. You have made all this prep, and to see the possibility it might be postphoned would be heartbreaking to me at least.

    Keep preparing, there are still places in Japan that have not been hit with disaster.

    Praying for you <3

  3. =/ Well, it's pretty reasonable with all the chaos going on in Japan right now. It's surreal but unfortunately true. I hope things will turn out better...