Saturday, March 12, 2011


I’m sure by now everyone has heard about the 8.9 earthquake that hit Japan. I hope everyone in the affected areas and all of Japan is okay and I hope for their safety.

Luckily my host family lives in the south so they should be okay. I have a friend living in Fukushima though, I was worried, but luckily she's far enough inland that the Tsunami didn't reach over there.

The tsunami was strong enough that it even reached California.Damage was done to a northern city, but in the south we have only had 2-4 ft waves, but all the beaches are closed.

AFS called me and said that they wouldn't cancel the program, but that they were working closely with AFS Japan, and if there are any delay's in the flight schedule, then they will let us know by Monday.
Even though it's selfish, I really hope our exchange isn't affected.

What happened is just too sad...I want to cry. I hope Japan can overcome this devastating disaster soon.
がんばって日本!Do your best Japan!

Edit: I contacted my host sister, and she said there have been no earthquakes in Miyazaki, so not to worry. I am glad they are safe! But Miyazaki is on tsunami warning so I am worried...a big river goes through the middle of the city, and if there was a tsunami that would be dangerous...


  1. I feel so bad for Japan right now. And the damages (even though the quake technically didn't happen in Tokyo) are near my home and school, too. Awkward... I hope Japan will be alright. T__T

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  3. I am so worried!
    I was actually skyping with my friend when it first started to happen. I'm glad i didnt fall asleep and stayed on with her. It didnt really affect her area though.
    but i hope my friends in the tohoku are fine

  4. I'm glad you're family/friends are safe!
    What's happening with Japan is really sad!!:(
    I'm glad you're still able to go on your trip though.