Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's that time of the year again!

Yes, it's the time to go on exchange!
With only 16 days left till I leave, I have been getting all my final stuff together.
It's going to be harder to pack now...I've bought a lot of new clothes this year that I really like D:
Plus I have to plan for bringing clothes I buy over there and gifts back. I'll probably have to ship some of it then...
So I've been eliminating my clothes one by one.
It's so hard to pack because not only do I have to bring my summer clothes, but I have to bring winter clothes too. My winter coat takes up half of my big suitcase, so I will have to ship it over.
I have to finish getting host family presents as well!!

I know a lot of kids are worrying about the language, so I feel really lucky that I don't have to >__<
I'm looking forward to no English! However I have been practicing kanji. I really don't like to study kanji that much, but I do anyways. I can read 700+ now, that's not that much when you consider it's 700/2,200 about 31%. I'm really behind because I don't study enough, so I want to be at 1,000+ by the end of my exchange, maybe even more.

I hope I can get out my country at least this time. -_-;

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  1. Good luck Safiya! You're so close to leaving. I'm happy for you. I can't wait to see what your exchange is going to be like. And yeah, I'm worried about that, too. Winter Clothes do take up a lot of space... :| And I wouldn't even worry about the Kanji. Shoot, you probably know more Kanji than any other student going abroad right now...700 is a lot to me. O_O