Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of School

Am I updating too much?
Well, I'm mostly just putting the big stuff that happens.

Today was my first day of school.
I rode my bike there.
I got lost. Twice. Thank god I can read Japanese because I use the shop names to know where I'm going.

I got lost even more on the way home. I went one way, and passed 3 boys who were most likely in the baseball club, then I turned around because I realized I was going the wrong way, and they kept looking back at me which was embarrassing. Then I had the horrible luck to run into them again in front of the train station coming from another direction (I made a big circle), at which they started pointing at me which was horribly embarrassing. They probably recognized me so fast, due to the fact that I was wearing a bright pink raincoat over my uniform, which made me stand out even more.


Well, today Libra had an unlucky horoscope on TV... #11.... Yesterday it was #1 though.

Anyways, I got to school late on account of being lost, but I didn't miss anything big or something. I went to see the ALT from America who lives here with his wife and we talked in English for a while. Then there was the opening ceremony where I had to make a speech.
As soon as they announced me the gym suddenly got louder because all the students were commenting about me. That made me even more nervous. I kept pausing during my introduction (at the end of sentences) because I saw so nervous.

Then the 2nd year girls had a uniform check where they check skirt length, if you plucked your eyebrows, the length of your bangs, if you hair is tied up if it's too long, and if you are wearing make up or not.

My skirt was a bit too short because I have long legs compared to my torso (on a Japanese girl of my height it would be just fine). The skirt went halfway to my knees when it's supposed to cover them, but they said that because it was a borrowed uniform and not my own it was okay. More like, there's nothing that can done about it so I would be allowed to have it at that length.

Then I went to my classroom and talked with some girls for a bit, and then I introduced myself to my class and one of our teachers told them to ask me questions. I was asked by one boy if I like hamburgers. lol

Then I went to go buy my slippers and went home because everyone had tests.
They have tests tomorrow too so I get to go home early again. Also I don't have school on Saturdays either because that day is mostly for extra studying (my school is for people aiming to get into college).

Bleh I feel all embarrassed and nervous even now.

Oh and Japanese summer uniforms are amazing, they like don't absorb your sweat or something. The summer shirt is made from a different material that a regular shirt.

I also did some stuff yesterday, but I'll save that for another post!


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  1. Haha the typical question of do you like hamburgers. Never gets old. :D I always enjoy the first day of school posts. :)