Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ame ame fure fure...Kyuudou!

It's been really rainy here lately. A typhoon is coming soon!But for the most part of the past week it was clear. Only it's funny because it seems to be clear and sunny only over our school, which sucks because we have practice for the Sports Festival (Taiku-sai) everyday, so we're out in the hot sun all day.

We also have group practice. There are 4 groups, Red (Aka-dan), Yellow (Ki-dan), White (Shiro-dan), and Blue (Ao-dan). I'm in the Blue Group. We have been learning 2 dances for the past week. GReeeeN's UNITY and AKB48's Everyday, Kachuusha (<3) which I also took video's of as well. Only I only got the last part of the GReeeeN one because I thought I was recording, but my camera was still on standby ;__;

I also joined the Kyuudou-bu (Kyuudou Club)! I didn't have any intentions of joining it when I first came, but it's really fun so I'm glad I did!
Inside the Kyudo-jo
Arrows (矢 ya)

Bows (弓 yumi)

 One of my senpai's drew this :3
It says 'Welcome to Kyudo-bu!  Welcome Safya'

Lol, but he didn't finish before I got there so Hello Kitty was half colored in and I added the stars and blue to the US flag myself XD Oh and the 峯岸 pointing towards Hello Kitty says "Minegishi". She's my AKB oshimen (Minegishi Minami aka Miichan) :3 We were talking about AKB the day before~

 I also went to an AFS orientation last week (where I got my cell phone :D)

On the way to Nichinan
(Taken from the inside of a moving car.)

 The 3 in the middle (including myself) are the Miyazaki exchange students (except for one girl who couldn't make it).

Today we're going to Aoshima and tomorrow we're going to a temple.


  1. Aaaw that chalk drawing is so cute. Especially the half colored Hello Kitty. xDDD

  2. Glad you're having a great time, Safiya! What an amazing experience. You are going to come back to the U.S. and be eligible for a translating job at the United Nations! (Kidding, but you know what I mean.)

    BTW, I am Lisa, your Mom's long-time friend who used to live in Mexico - the last time I visited your Mom and your family was Spring 2007 - I stayed with you guys at your apartment in Chula Vista for the weekend and we went to the Renaissance Faire.