Saturday, September 17, 2011

Culture Festival, Sports Festival, 2-B Class Gathering, etc.

We had our Culture Festival last week. It's called the Ootori-sai (鵬祭) literally Phoenix Festival.It's not like the festivals you see in dramas. At our festival, all the students go to the community culture hall, which is luckily very close to my house so I just walked, and we watch performances.

The first day was the choir competition, each class sung a song, my class sang "Kimi to Mita Umi", I sang alto which was pretty hard >_<

We watched the dance club dance to High School Musical and one song from Burlesque, the Acting Club put on a play, 3-E put on a very hilarious play, some speeches, musical performances, and had some free time to go see performances, and see club exhibitions (art club, picture club, Japanese history club, etc.).

It was 2 days long, and the 2nd day was the best one, we saw the plays and had free time that day.
The sports festival was held at the Sports Park which was farther away so my host parents drove me.

My team (Ao-dan; Blue group) won! Ki-dan (Yellow group) won cheering. Because of that our teacher bought us all drinks the next week at school :3

I took tons of video footage so I will make a vlog soon about the Ootori-sai and Sports festival~!

But because the Sports Festival was on a Saturday we had Monday off, so our class 2-B got together and went to a Viking at Aeon (pronounced Ee-on, spelled Ion in jp), the big mall in Miyazaki. Out of 38 of us 23 went. Viking in Japan = All you can eat buffet. Which I already knew, so there was no confusion XD
I went by bus since my host parents were at work, and Aeon is pretty far away to walk or bike to.

The day of the Sports Festival was actually an AFS orientation, only I didn't go because I wanted to participate in the Sports Festival instead. The other exchangers went to the zoo and bowling. But after the festival I stayed at my LP's house for the night. And the next day I went shopping with my LP and her daughter who is 19. We went to Shimamura, Pura Vida, Miyako City (a small mall), and ate lunch at Joyful.
I also ran into a classmate at Joyful.

Also had my first Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) class this week. The ALT at my school came in to show the shodo teacher the shodo we was working on, and I had to help translate for him because my Japanese is better than his. All the kids in back me were whispering "How cool!" when I started speaking English. They all think English is the coolest thing ever. Sometimes I'll put on a really bad American accent on my Japanese to amuse them. lol

And remembering names is not hard at all, I know all the girls in my class, first and last name, which I remembered within a week (the print out I received from my teacher was helpful). And I know all the guys last names at least. Also everyone who comes up to me and says "Hi!" etc, etc. and tells me their name I remember too :D I'm very good with names though.

I take all the classes my classmates take. The class I least understand is Math. The class I understand most is Biology, especially since I've already taken Bio Acc in 9th grade and AP Bio in 11th grade (although I can say I payed no attention in AP Bio).
I'm not including English, Shodo, or Computer in this btw, which I classes that I of course understand.

This is getting pretty long so I'll end it here!

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