Monday, September 19, 2011

Out and About... (Part 1: Aoshima + Heiwadai)

Peace Tower a horrible blog title, but oh well :D

2 weeks ago I went my my host family to Aoshima, Heiwadai, an Onsen, and a temple.


Heiwadai Park 平和台公園

First we went to Heiwadai and saw the Peace Tower. It's made of different stones from all over the world.

If you stand on the stone in the picture to the right and clap your hands, you can heard a "Biin Biin" sound. I think it's the echo of the clapping resounding in/off something.
After poking aroung the tower we went to the nearby Haniwa Garden. It's full of statues such as the one in the picture below.
Creepy Dancing Woman
Me and my host mom


Aoshima is an island in Miyazaki. It's pretty small, but has a shrine on it and you can see the famous Oni no Sentakuita (Demon's Washboard) and there is a beach and lots of touristy shops on the land before the island, if that makes sense.

You have to cross a bridge to get onto the island.
The wind was really strong that day too so people's umbrellas and hats were flying all over.

Oni no Sentakuita

Shrine Entrance's Torii Gate

Aoshima Jinja
Throw money in here and pray
To be continued...

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