Thursday, August 18, 2011


Partenza means "depart" in Italian :3
I'm not going to Italy, but there is a Japanese song called partenza, so... :D

Today I'm off to Japan!

I've got all my stuff packed except for a few last minute things I couldn't pack till now~
I finally bought the rest of my host family presents a few days ago too~

My schedule is like this:
17th - Overnight Orientation in LA
18th - Fly to Japan
19th - Land in Japan, stay at hotel near Narita for a night
20th - go to Osaka Orientation (it's a 10 hour bus ride :P)
20th-22nd - Osaka Oreintation
22nd - Fly to Miyazaki

We're about to drive to LA in an hour~
It's only 2 hours away.
I'm leaving Southern California for Southern Japan!

I'll try to update soon~☆

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