Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cicadas are loud

I got to Miyazaki 2 days ago~
The plane ride from Haneda took 1 hour and 45 mins. but I slept the whole way, and when I woke up we were starting to land.

We (Me and 3 other exchangers from other countries) got off the plane and could feel the heat right away.
We went to baggage claim and went to the bathroom, and we could see our host families on the other side of the glass which made us really nervous. My host parents had a sign:

Then we went back to their house which was a like a 10 minute drive from the airport.

Yesterday I went to visit my school with my LP and her daughter Yumi who is 19.
We met the principal, an english teacher, another teacher which I don't exactly know what she does, and my homeroom teacher. Then my homeroom teacher showed me around the school. I am in 2nd year Class B.
There were a lot of kids there even though it's summer vacation because of club activities, etc.

Then my LP and Yumi took me to Mister Donut were I had a maccha (green tea) donut with milk. Japanese milk is very creamy and sweet, while American milk is more salty because they take fat out of it. I prefer American milk.

After we went to the book store next door under TSUTAYA and I bought a magazine and book. I used my Tosho card so it was very cheap.
And then they dropped me off at home.

I also got my uniform. Yumi's friend graduated from my school and is letting me borrow it.
I have the summer uniform, normal uniform/winter uniform, minus the blazer which my school will prepare for me, and the summer PE clothes, and shoes.
summer uniform

Tomorrow school starts. I have to make a speech that day.
I go to school by bike, and it takes about 20 mins, so it's pretty close.
Today I practiced how to get there~

I also made a new vlog.

Oh my gosh, I never want to leave Japan, I love it here so much.


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